DS Lite Upper LCD Ribbon Cable

Brand: Nintendo
Product Code: DSL-TOP-RIBBON
Availability: In Stock
Price: P 350.00

This is a brand new Nintendo DS Lite Upper LCD Ribbon Cable. Use this to fix your torn ribbon cable on your DS Lite upper LCD.

Please note that this is very difficult to install, so it may be more economical to buy the whole DS Lite Upper LCD Screen.


This is a replacement parts product. Improper use or installation of this may result in INCORRECT PERFORMANCE of your system. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any damage that occurs from improper or incorrect use of this product. We will not dispense instructions or advice about the installation or use of this product. ONCE PURCHASED THIS ITEM CANNOT BE RETURNED.

We are sorry but we cannot install this for you. Please
Contact us for more info.


Repair Options
Installation Addon Fee Sorry due to high level of difficulty, we cannot install this for you.

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