This section will list ROCKSoft PLUS products. 

Q. What is ROCKSoft PLUS:

A. PLUS stands for Price Lowered Until Sold. This is our new selling method for a certain products that follows a reverse auction style. Under the PLUS section, a product listed will have its price lowered by a certain value everyday, from its original value, until such time the product is bought. Also items under the PLUS section will have a listing period of 2 to 15 days, and if no one bought the product during that time, the listing will end and revert back to its original selling price. 

It is therefore recommended to check this section everyday specially if you find a product listed that you are interested in. Just remember, don't keep on waiting for the next day expecting a price drop, as item listing may already end by tomorrow or someone would have bought the item by then. Take note, only one (1) pc. is listed for sale under the PLUS section, so if you feel the price listed now is reasonable for you, then buy it now or someone else might!




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R4i White 3DS Dual Core is the latest development in R4 cartridge technology for the Nintendo 3DS..
P 600.00
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