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Nintendo Wii Hard Disk (500GB)
Connecting an external hard drive to your Wii to back up and play your games is a simple way to k..
P 5,000.00
Nintendo Wii Motherboard (pulled out)
This is a working / untouched / never been repaired Nintendo Wii Motherboard. Use this to replace..
P 3,500.00 P 2,500.00
Wii Error 003 Repair
Repair of wii with the Error 003. This error occurs for Korean versions wii that were region chan..
P 1,200.00
Wii Full Brick Repair (using Nand Flash Method)
If your wii becomes full brick but you happen to have made a nand backup, we can fix your wii. Ju..
P 2,500.00
Wii Power Adapter Repair
Repair of original 110 volts wii power adapter that was accidentally plugged-in on a 220 volts ou..
P 500.00
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