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SuperCard DSTWO PLUS. That’s it.

New Styles come into the market.

DSTWO PLUS is based on our DSTWO -- but it's not just another version.
This time, it comes loaded with a Super feature: 3DS game support.
It's the only flashcart in the world that supports 3DS, DS, GBA and SNES.
DSTWO PLUS --- One flashcart for all.




Onboard CPU / Antioxidant




DSTWO PLUS features a powerful onboard CPU along with 32MB of RAM, which
allows for GBA and SNES support, along with other amazing real-time features
you won't want to miss. And they're all accessible during normal gameplay.
Compared to DSTWO, DSTWO PLUS has 4x the Flash and 2x the CPLD power.
It all began with the DSTWO, but PLUS is to go even further beyond.
*PLUS will support new 3DS versions through an upgradable firmware feature.

SuperCard DSTWO PLUS ????,????

SuperCard DSTWO PLUS ????,????  SuperCard DSTWO PLUS ????,????

2 times the CPLD / 4 times the flash memory / 32 MB of RAM



1 / Gateway Plugin Emulation. (3DS game support)

Using the Gateway plugin, we can emulate a Gateway flashcart. Why have two cards, when only ONE is enough? No region limitations, any game on any 3DS. And just like always, it's really easy to use.


2 / DS Games support (DSTWO EOS)

The No.1 DS flash cart, the perfect DS gameplay system in the world. Our DSTWO EOS system comes with a lot of powerful functions: Real-time Save, Free Cheat, Real-Time Game Guide, Slow Motion. 32MB of RAM also fixes a lot of TF lag problems, which could corrupt your games in the past.



3 / GBA Game support (TempGBA)

TempGBA is based on the official GBA emulator, it's the best and the only one that allows people to play GBA games on 3DS. And it’s also the only one that runs Golden Sun perfectly.


4 / SNES Game support (CatSFC)

A perfect SNES emulator only possible with our powerful hardware, this makes DSTWO PLUS is the only card in the world that can play SNES games perfectly on 3DS.




3DS / 3DS XL Notes: 3DS Games YES v4.1 upto firmware v9.2 only (U/E/J) DS Games - YES upto firmware v10.2.0-28 (U/E/J)
DS / DS Lite YES working on all ds and ds lite from any region
DSi / DSi XL YES upto firmware v1.4.5 (U/E/J)
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